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filled with surprise. He had not contemplated the act. The
thought of it had scarcely grazed his mind, as it were, and
had in that instant become action. He saw his hand still in
the air before him, feeling that it was detached from him
and responsible, and even as the man fell, he took a step for-
ward, on his lips the words, " I'm sorry, I------" Then he saw

the man's face, and stopped. It only showed an expression
of blank surprise, the mouth hanging open. A little blood
was gathering at the corners of the mouth. He stopped be-
cause of that expression of surprise; and anger began to
mount in him, as he realized that that surprise was not
merely physical shock from the blow, but a surprise, pro-
found and fundamental, that a blow on that provocation
should have been struck at all.

The man on the floor clambered to his feet and lunged
toward Mr. Munn, but Alec grabbed him and shoved him

"Jesus!" Joe Means cried, hi a voice filled with a kind of
peevish reproach, "what do you go and do that for?"

Holt was struggling, but without much force, in the arms
of Alec and the other man. Blood was running down his
chin now, and a few splotches had fallen on his shirt front.

"He says I framed a nigger and fixed a jury, then he
wonders why I hit him," Mr. Munn said, not as though in
answer to the question from Joe Means, but half absent-
mindedly. Then he added, without fervour, "My God I"

Alec had released Holt and stepped aside, but the other
man still clung to him. "Ain't nobody gonna do that to
me/* Holt kept on saying, "not and get away with it, ain't

"Let Mm loose," Alec ordered.

The other maa stepped back.

w Aia't nobody," Holt repeated.

"You can have me arrested and fined," Mr. Munn said,
" if you think that'll do you any good." He laid a half-dollar
cm fhe bar and turned to the bartender: " Or you can, if you
want to.1*